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Technology changing the Accounting industry

With the rapid growth in technology, companies are moving towards automation. This has not only enhanced the effective and efficiency of the financial reporting but also strengthen the accountants to be more resourceful. Source: TechEconomy

Small Company Concept for Audit Exemption

With the Small Company Concept implemented by ACRA, a company whose financial years beginning on or after 1 Jul 2015 can still be exempted from audit even though it is not an exempt private company. This concept has further increased the threshold for a company having to be audited. Despite this, business owners have go […]

Accounting Checklist Every Small Business Must Adopt


It is necessary for all small businesses to have a reliable accounting system. With a reliable accounting system, small businesses can easily keep track of target goals as well as utilise the derived data to manage and plan cash flows accurately. Without further ado, we present an accounting checklist that you can use to help […]